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    FT/LT UTM cookie script (Shoutout to Yanir!) - Q&A pretty please

    Sean Richards

      Hi Yanir Calisar,


      I am about to try out your FT/LT UTM cookie script. Thanks for sharing this!! (MarTech/UTM-Tracking at master · yanirclsr/MarTech · GitHub )


      I have two questions, if you could  please provide some advice.

      • Question 1) I would like to see a website with the script running if possible? Do you know any URL where it is live?
      • Question 2) Can you please ft and lt_referrer fields are for, what data they capture and how do you recommend that data is processed? If this is as I assume, the web-referral value, then would this be used to say "there was no UTM value, but this lead was referred from "x" website? Then you could use a smart campaign to flag your lead source to that referrer (e.g. category = inbound, source = web-referral, detail=xyz.com)?

      Thank you very much in advance!



        • Re: FT/LT UTM cookie script (Shoutout to Yanir!) - Q&A pretty please
          Yanir Calisar

          Hey Sean Richards


          I am happy to hear that you are planning to use it


          I cannot share specific examples but if you'll search for __ft_utm_content or __lt_utm_campaign on google you might find some.

          In any case, I'd recommend installing the code first on some test page and test it with your web team before implementing it or any other code on your production website.


          For your 2nd question: the __ft fields are being written only once, and the __lt fields being overridden every session. This is true for all UTM fields and referrers. The information for the referrer field is captured by the javascript from the document object (document.referrer).


          In most of the cases I helped customers implementing this code we've configured a smart campaign to operate the data like that:

          1. All the FT & LT fields are created first in SFDC so the data will be visible there as well.

          2. Upon a form fill out AND the lead source is empty >

          • IF UTM Source IS NOT EMPTY set it as the lead source
          • IF Referrer IS NOT EMPTY set it as the lead source
          • DEFAULT set Website Form as the lead source
          • IF UTM Medium IS NOT EMPTY set it as the lead sub-source


          Let me know if you have further questions.


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