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    Show off your Stack!

    Brett Carpenter

      Happy Friday!


      How about a fun activity today...Show off your stack! I'd love to hear what products y'all are using in your marketing stack.


      I'll start:

      • Marketing Automation: Marketo (duh)
        • no add-ons
        • Integrations with rest of stack except social
      • CRM: Salesforce
      • Blogs: Uberflip
      • Videos: Wistia & Youtube
      • Webinars: BrightTalk
      • Website: WordPress
      • Social Media: Hootsuite (for now. using the free version but will hopefully be changing platforms soon)
      • Analytics: CrazyEgg (website heatmap), Google Analytics, SEMrush, Databox (for visualization)
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          Caroline Brown

          Great idea, Brett!  Here's what we use:

          • Marketing Automation: Marketo (ABM, RTP, RCE, MPI)
          • CRM: Salesforce
          • Analytics: Google Analytics, SEMrush
          • Blogs: HubSpot
          • Cookie Consent Management: OneTrust
          • Data vendor: ReachForce, DiscoverOrg
          • Email Auto-response Management: SiftRock
          • Event Management: Cvent
          • List uploads: RingLead
          • Social Media: Hootsuite
          • Videos: Vidyard, YouTube
          • Webinars: GoToWebinar
          • Website: Drupal
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            Kimberly Galitz
            • Marketing Automation: Marketo (no add-ons)
            • CRM: Salesforce
            • Analytics: Google Analytics
            • Attribution/ROI: Bizible
            • Blog: WordPress
            • Data Vendor: Discover Org
            • Email Rendering Tool: Litmus
            • Videos: Vidyard, Wistia
            • Webinars: GoToWebinar
            • Website: WordPress
            • Chat: Drift