Will Davis

Data Retention Policy Change

Discussion created by Will Davis on Aug 10, 2018

Hi All,


Just wanted to quickly make sure everyone was aware of the new data retention policy Marketo is acting on starting on 8/15 (time is running out!).


You may have recently noticed that Marketo sent out an email notifying their customers that on August 15, 2018, the updated Marketo Activities Data Retention Policy will take effect. This new policy update stipulates that high-volume activity data will now only be retained for 90-days, and all other activity data will be retained for a period of 25 months. After the stated period of time, this data will be deleted from your instance in an effort to clean up aged activity data and boost performance. To help prevent any actual data loss, Marketo has developed a Bulk Extract API which enables you to export this data directly and host the information locally (on your laptop or desktop).


You may likely already have a plan for this or have addressed, but wanted to call it out if not.


If you would like to see a breakdown of which activities will only be retained for 90-days versus 25-months, please click here: https://nation.marketo.com/docs/DOC-1294.


Questions? Happy to help!


Hope to see you all August 22nd!