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Drift vs Intercom or Both?

Discussion created by Enget Dang on Dec 27, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2018 by bd88bdb261d565968dcf81c4f0036827b7cd3c19

Hi All! Interested to see what people's use cases are for using Drift vs Intercom or if you have an instance that uses both? We are currently Intercom users and have been for quite some time, primarily as an in app support and trial tool, but as we intersperse Intercom into our website, I've noticed a lot of set backs in terms of feature capabilities that would help drive our demand gen engine. That being said, Intercom is great for our customer support team, but Drift lacks the sophistication Intercom has owned in that market, but then Drift is superior in overall demand gen outside of the in app product messaging with direct integration with Marketo, that Intercom lacks. I'm sure there are roadmaps for more features in each segment, but for the time, I'd like to see what other users or prospective users have encountered.