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Salesforce and Marketo Migration to new instances

Question asked by 37d01f9ac85718e2816637529e2f8eb3b9d76ad1 on Jul 19, 2018
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Hello all - I believe this thread belongs here, but please let me know if not, happy to move or have it moved it.


We're undergoing a Salesforce migration to a fresh new org, and we learned we'll need a new instance of Marketo as well. We got the new instance already setup by the Marketo support team (it has a new name but I noticed the Munchkin # it's the same, which is great). I do have a few questions, I searched here on the forum, couldn't find a specific clear answer.


Marketo team asked us to not touch the fresh new instance until we're ready to migrate (which's a process they we'll do), and our timeline for our Salesforce schema and data to go up in Salesforce is tomorrow/early next week. That SFDC instance is not yet hooked up in the new Marketo instance.


  • Is there any harm in starting the Marketo's end migration process right now? (So request the support team to start right away, since they need 2 bdays)
  • Additionally: If there are custom fields that are not going to be ported over to our new Salesforce (from current SFDC), is this ok with the new Marketo instance? (once we connect both new instances) ?
  • From a record/data point of view, I'm thinking SFDC -> Marketo (since I can bulk upload to SFDC directly)?
  • How will our domain be affected? Will we keep the same domain for resources we currently have (Landing Pages, links etc)? Is there any redirect work to be done?
  • Since we're in a new instance, I imagine all Marketo Ids will be new to the new records (I'll be keeping 2 copies of all records, one in Postgres, and one physical backup), and have a column with the Marketo Idls (Old). Will my leads and contacts be ok with their munchkin tracking with the new marketo ids?


Thank you so much for your help, I'm happy to document here any challenges and gotchas along the way for anyone interested