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Restricting flow steps in Smart Campaign to M-S between 7am-6pm

Question asked by Melody Frieda on Jul 31, 2018
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I have a pretty frustrating situation that I hope the Marketo Community can help me resolve. We have integrated a SMS and Voicemail platform called Call Loop into Marketo. Our goal is to test SMS and ringless voicemail as a means to increase "offer accept rates" of our loan product. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to keep a text message and voicemail from being triggered (via a webhook in the Smart Campaign) when someone applies for our loan "after hours" (between 7pm-6am in a person's respective time zone).


People can apply for a loan anytime on our website, and the ideal flow for this Smart Campaign would start like this for the first 36 hours:


Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 5.05.12 PM.png

So in this example, the first step would look like this:

  • Email #1 would trigger 5 minutes after the applicant sees their offer
  • 10 minutes after the offer event, a text message is triggered
  • 30 minutes after the offer event, a ringless voicemail is sent out.

Second step looks like this

  • 12 hours after the offer event, an Email #2 is triggered
  • 30 minutes after Email #2 is triggered, a text message is sent out


The situation I'm trying to avoid is someone who applies at 3pm getting their second email and SMS at 3am. Or someone who applies at 11pm getting a pre-recorded ringless voicemail at 11:30pm prompting the applicant to call our customer service dept if they have questions about their loan offers (our customer service dept closes at 6pm)


This is just a snippet of the Smart Campaign we want to execute, but what is pivotal here is being able to define the hours in the day that these communications are acceptable to send--for example, defining the Smart Campaign to only send flow step items between 7am and 6pm Monday through Saturday.


Any suggestions on how to pull this off?