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Segmenting by Department/Function. Best approach?

Question asked by Jesse Richard on Jul 27, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2018 by Josh Hill

Our marketing team wants to target their marketing efforts towards four functional groups / departments within a company, I.T., Security, Operations, and BC/DR. We are trying to think of the best way to create a segmentation that categorizes and buckets our database based on these four groups, but have yet to find a perfect solution.


Here's the three way's we've thought of...

  • Build out segmentation that filters on keywords within job titles
    • Requires lots of manual work at the beginning, being able to determine keywords and job titles to filter on for each segment/bucket
  • Use a third party database tool to append the department level data
    • Won't be able to match 100% of our database which leaves a gap, and the department values they give us do not necessarily align with the four areas we want to target
  • Add a new field on our forms/in our DB, and allow BDR/Sales to update that field when adding directly to the CRM
    • We already have a lot of fields on our forms and are concerned about form drop-off because of all the fields


How have others been able to filter/segment on department-level data? Any other way I haven't thought of? Any way that works best for you?