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    has anyone used Bizible?

    Niti Shah



      has anyone used Bizible? what do you think of it? what are some of the features how does it differentiate from RCE?  Does anyone have Bizible integrated with Marketo?




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          Sarah Mayer

          Yep! I've used Bizible since 2013. It has literally changed the way we do business in our Marketing department.

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            Justin Norris

            Niti Shah


            I've written a few posts that discuss some of the differences between Bizible and attribution tracking with Marketo and RCE:


            Marketing Attribution: What It Is and How It Works

            Reporting and Attribution in Marketo: Comparing Your Options

            Which Attribution Model Is Right for You?


            Regarding your last question (how does Bizible integrate with Marketo) - there isn't really a useful native integration at the moment. Bizible primarily integrates with your CRM.


            However, you can sync Bizible data in lead/contact fields or in the Bizible touchpoint custom object back to Marketo via the SFDC connector to use in scoring and other functionality. 

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                Dan Stevens.
                there isn't really a useful native integration at the moment.


                Interesting.  During a recent demo, they made it sound like there was strong native integration with Marketo.  Which is especially important for those of us not on SFDC - since MS Dynamics campaign entities don't sync to Marketo.

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                    Justin Norris

                    Dan Stevens.


                    There is an existing Bizible Marketo connector, but it is essentially a "look-back" feature for new Bizible customers that tries to backfill historical touchpoints for existing records by inspecting the activity log in Marketo. That feature doesn't offer ongoing value once you have Bizible installed as far as I know (hence my comment above) - it's more of a tool to retrospectively capture some legacy data and give you a head start. I'm sure they have other Marketo integrations in the works, but there's not anything else available today that I'm aware of.


                    That being said, I think a Bizible integration with Marketo (regardless of CRM) isn't as crucial as it might seem.


                    All the digital tracking happens outside of both the MA and CRM systems as data is written directly to Bizible's cloud and then inserted into CRM as custom object records (touchpoints), including information about both the channel that drove the interaction and the offer they responded to (represented by the landing page or form url). So it essentially bypasses Marketo on the digital side.


                    You can also track non-digital marketing interactions (events etc.) with Bizible through DCRM Campaign Responses or DCRM Marketing Lists on a case-by-case basis by enabling Bizible touchpoints for them (a process that is similar to how it works in SFDC). 


                    The main limitation I see for DCRM customers vs. SFDC customers would be the inability to manipulate those DCRM campaign records using Marketo automation to ease the process of tracking non-digital touchpoints. You'd need to upload those lists to DCRM manually or use DCRM automation to add people to campaign responses/lists to trigger those touchpoints.


                    So it's a pain point, for sure, but more from a process perspective, which at least you can address perhaps using other tools in the toolbox. 

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