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    Sync MSD marketing lists to Marketo

    Shannon Vann

      Hey everyone! Is there a way to sync MS Dynamics marketing lists to Marketo? Our sales team only has access to MSD. We want them to be able to add prospects to our nurture campaigns. If the marketing lists could sync from MSD to Marketo, we'd be in business. Thanks for any help!

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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Shannon,


          Simply, there is no solution to this. You could consider using Bedrock Data Marketo-MSD connector in addition to Marketo standard one.


          Other solutions will require some heavy configuration an a bit of coding. It will require adding Marketing list membership information to a Marketo field (this will require the coding / congi in MSD) and have this field sync to Marketo. Then you will be able to use the values in this field to add people to static lists in Marketo or as criteria for smart lists.



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            Catherine Champoux

            There is a bit of a workaround that isn't really clean but you can create a custom field on leads and contacts, set with a dropdown that has values that match your different nurture streams or strategies, and have a campaign in Marketo that listens to the change of value in that field and will then add the person to the matching nurture. Not as clean, but could be useful to your team? It's manual (record by record) but if you do list uploads in DCRM, you can make that field part of the list.