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    How do you think about first touch attribution?

    Jason Raisleger

      I’m interested to hear about how you think about first touch attribution. I was part of another discussion in the community where others shared how they thought about it. Below is the model we use for each new person in our system:


      Acquisition Program (the what)

      This could be an ebook, sample offer, website registration, tradeshow or webinar. This is what enticed the person to give us their name


      Person Source (the how)

      This could be cpc, organic search, referral, direct mail, tradeshow etc. Is is the bigger bucket of how people found out about us


      Lead Source Detail (the how with details)

      This gets much more granular and would have values like google, facebook, xyz-conference etc. This is the smaller bucket of how people found us



      So if we captured a new name at the ABC Tradeshow, their values would be:

      Acquisition Program: ts-2018-07-abc tradeshow

      Program Source: tradeshow

      Lead Source Detail: abc-conference


      A new person for the element diet guide (eBook) that came from an an on the Google display network would look like:

      Acquisition Program: oa-2018-06-elemental diet guide

      Person Source: cpc

      Lead Source Detail: google


      Do you use similar methods or do you think about is differently?