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Custom Sync Rule from Salesforce to Marketo

Question asked by Eve Yu on Jul 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2018 by Grégoire Michel

We plan to create a custom sync rule from Salesforce to Marketo that can prevent sales-only data in Salesforce will not sync to Marketo.


Now we followed the steps as "InStructions for Creating a Custom Sync Rule" Instructions for Creating a Custom Sync Rule 

1. Created the field for the Sync Rule in SFDC (lead and Contact Object): Field: Sync to Marketo (Checkbox)

2. Created a workflow rule in SFDC to automatically change the field from False to True for any new lead is created in SFDC and met the criteria. ("Sync to Marketo = True" will sync from SFDC to Marketo)

3. Updated all the records to Sync to Marketo based on our criteria in Salesforce

4. Plan to contact Marketo Support and request the Custom Sync Rule be created.


Now I have a question about the new leads(inbound leads which fills out a Marketo form) created in Marketo. These leads will be created in Marketo first, that means the field: "Sync To Marketo = False” (The workflow we created is in SFDC). Do I also need to create a workflow in Marketo to automatically change the fields from Fales to True for these inbound leads created in Marketo, then these leads can sync to SFDC?  

Or I don't need to do anything for the inbound leads created in Marketo first, they will still sync to Marketo automatically?