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What's going on with SFDC Type?

Question asked by Sean Richards on Jul 18, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2018 by Grégoire Michel

I need some help pretty please!


The SFDC Type field (the Person one that is) seems to have changed.


The available values in the list are now:

- Contact

- User

- Person


In other words there is no longer a value for "Lead".


I am trying to trigger on Data Value Changes and it's not firing off and I can't help but think this is causing my issue.


When I look at my test record the literal value in the SFDC Type field is "Lead" but this is not an optional value in the trigger?


I am trying to trigger on a Lead Conversion. All the documentation is so out of date!!!!


There is no "field" called "SFDC Is Converted" either!!! However there is a "trigger" called "Person is Converted.


Can anyone shed some light on this mystery for me pretty please?


Given that the actual record says the value in the field is "Lead" should I be using that in the trigger? Or some "Person" somehow magically map to "Lead" despite there being no documentation on this?


Thanks in advance everyone.