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    Last Week's MUG Meeting

    Charly Hartley

      Thanks to everyone who was able to attend last week! For those who weren't able to join us, Greg Ryan from Marketo gave a presentation on Marketo Sky, ContentAI and other product releases announced at Summit. Unfortunately, I forgot to record the session. However, Greg offered to provide one-on-one demos for those interested. You can contact him at gryan@marketo.com.Let him know you're with the KC MUG and would like the demo given to the group last week.


      Our next MUG meeting with a presenter will be in October. Jeff Foster our local Marketo Education Specialist, and I are brainstorming something for that meeting so it's sure to be fun and educational.


      Would the group be interested in a happy hour/networking event sometime before the next meeting? If so, I'll get something planned.