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    Salesforce Objects Sync: What are "History" objects / are updated triggers possible?

    Matt Stone

      I'm exploring syncing some of our custom SFDC objects into Marketo and had a few questions:


      1. When viewing my SFDC schema and searching for the custom object, I see the following:
        Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 12.50.50 PM.png
        The SQL and SQL Contact objects are different, though SQL Contact has a master-detail relationship to the SQL object. Based on this, I'm unsure what the "History: " objects are and what, if any, value they provide if synced?
      2. I've noticed that when syncing these objects, you get a few triggers and filters, but there's no "Object is updated" trigger similar to "Opportunity is updated" -- is there such a thing, or is that not available for custom object syncing?


      Any insight is appreciated!