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Responsive Email Templates

Question asked by 513140160c7a9899bc210963c7b83732a4696dba on Sep 18, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2016 by 3d64dbf986e85c55035d0c55f603e3d6dfba8b63
Hi guys - lots of questions this week.  Still trying to piece it all together!

One thing we are struggling with is we love the Curved Paper email template, but we find it is not readable on Gmail when viewed on a small screen. We've tested it and you can see the whole email in horizontal preview, but it doesn't all show in vertical preview.  Worse, in vertical preview, the sliding bar does not allow you to go to the far side of the email, so you can't view the whole email, at all.

Has anyone else encountered this?  Most of our traffic is on mobile, but a lot of our desktop traffic is on old, small monitors, so this is a problem. We have opted not to use the template, but don't like the looks of the "blank" email in all cases.

Thank you for your ideas!