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Folder hierarchy with different countries (newsletters)

Question asked by 64ece71e1d3d6102aa798eb80ef873bd78e6bde5 on Jun 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2018 by Sanford Whiteman

Hello everyone,

I've spent a considerable amount of time setting up our naming scheme, but I'm stuck with how to insert a layer for different countries. We have different business units, but only our unit  (b2b exising customers = TSM) will be using Marketo. All languages will be managed by the same team and people. The structure is as follows:

a) Active campaigns > Email blasts > TSM PRO EB 2018-06 Upsell > Local assets

=> not sure this is clever naming, I've put the product in the PRO bit in the beginning of the program name - we have only 5 products with are more upselling features and not product lines? And we have this for all countries, which may vary.

b) Active campaigns > Newsletters > TSM NL 2018-06 KW13> Local assets

=> This is a newsletter campaign, which is done for all countries separately. The newsletter is basically one country first and then will be copied into other countries and then modified. Were would the country parameters come in? You don't have different programs for one newsletter program (for all countries, so different campaigns), do you?

Thanks in advance for the help!