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Company Name Keeps Changing

Question asked by Venus Wills on Sep 6, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2018 by Dan Stevens.
We’ve continuously had this issue where Marketo keeps changing the company name field in our database. For example, say a lead is from Accenture. The correct account name in SFDC is "Accenture Plc." That field is almost never correct in Marketo. It rotates through all the different versions of the name that has been entered into our system through forms, list uploads, etc. Sometimes it reads “Accenture” and sometimes “accenture.” In the activity log, it shows that whenever Marketo is synced with SFDC, it keeps trying to change it back to "Accenture Plc." See image below.
We’ve contacted customer support but was told that SFDC is source of the change. If you look at the image, it never logs when "Accenture Plc" is changed to "Accenture" but only the other way around. If SFDC and Marketo are syncing correctly, the company name should always be "Accenture Plc."


Any insight is greatly appreciated!