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    May MUG discussion - FOLLOWUP details

    Ginger Wilson

      Mentioned during the discussion time at our May MUG meeting...


      Marketo Sales Engage - alternative to MSI; doesn't replace MSI; your CSM can quote you a price


      Marketo Performance Insights - this is a new way to looking at analytics without RCE; interface is intuitive & "plug-&-play" ; your CSM can quote you a price


      Marketo Sky - the new name of the newly release UI; contact your CSM to request access; Marketo admin will need to turn it on (for all users)


      Demo Jam Denver - this event is being held in the Marketo office downtown Denver in June (will post date when confirmed); it will host a number of Launchpoint partners doing demos - I think this is a great learning opportunity!


      Data Retention Policy Changes - August 15th - as mentioned, they are making changes to how long the Activity Log data is stored; highly recommend listening to this webinar:


      here are additional links that are helpful:

      Marketo Activities Data Retention Policy - Overview & FAQ

      Marketo Activities Data Retention Policy – Impact on Reporting

      Marketo Activities Data Retention Policy - Under the Hood



      Tokens - I'm putting together a slide deck to present at the July meeting - if you need help prior to that, ping me directly.