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Can leverage record visibility rules when syncing with SFDC rather than hard-coding a "Marketing Sync" via marketo support?

Question asked by David Gallagher on May 11, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2019 by Lynn Ray Pardo

So today after 4+ years of marketo-ing I learned something most everyone knows. Partially syncing MKTO <-> SFDC requires that Marketo support manually define your chosen "Marketing Sync" SFDC field in the marketo back-end system. This confused me since I thought that syncing was controlled by the rights the sfdc admin gives to the Sync User...


My Simplified Contemplation

1. Technically a Marketo Sync user in salesforce is just a user...

2. As a user, there are differing profiles, roles and permissions based on any number of things, i.e: regions, demographics etc.

3. Why must it go through a hard coded switch via marketo and not via the sfdc visibility rules


With that said: Wouldn't it be possible to set up SFDC in a way that enables Marketo to only see/edit specific records based on a field or value... ie: Marketing Sync Field: Sync Disabled | Sync Enabled?


I also uncovered today that when selective syncing (not 1:1), leads previously synced with sfdc that are later updated by mkto are not automatically synced back to/with sfdc in its recurring sync cycles... is that really true?


Maybe Greg could help