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    How to pause an Engagement Program from Salesforce?

    Stepan Egorov

      Hi there!


      My sales guys want to be able to pause lead nurturing in my EP themselves directly from Salesforce (they don't work with Marketo, and asking marketing people all the time will take long). They want to do it by their personal preferences. I haven't found any discussion regarding this.


      Is this possible at all? Looks like at least it's not a packaged solution.

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          Devraj Grewal



          Do you mean they want to be able to pause a specific person in an engagement program? Or pause the entire engagement program for everyone?


          If they would like to pause a specific person, this is certainly possible. You are going to create a smart campaign with the smart list trigger of "Campaign Is Requested" and the Source is "Sales Insight" and the filter of "Member of Engagement Program" and select the specific Engagement Program. The flow will then be to "Change Engagement Program Cadence" and select the same Engagement Program from the smart list filter. Make sure to activate the smart campaign.


          On the SFDC side, they can use the MSI widget in the lead/contact page layout and in the top right for "Actions", select "Add to Marketo Campaign" and the campaign will be listed there.


          It might be best to create a smart campaign for every engagement program the person could be in so they can select a specific campaign and pause them in that specific engagement program.

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