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Fear of updating contact information

Question asked by Jason Alford on May 2, 2018
Latest reply on May 3, 2018 by Dan Stevens.



I'm curious if anyone has had this situation before. Our SFDC team would like it set up that once a lead has been converted to a contact that we don't allow any updates to the record in Marketo to sync to SFDC. Reason being that although Marketo and SFDC would be in sync with each other; there is a third system that would be out of sync with SFDC.


Obviously I have a few problems with not syncing updates to contacts in SFDC.

1. If we just don't allow the updates to sync from the SFDC side then you could have a situation where the information in Marketo is different from the information in SFDC on contacts.

2. If we say block field updates in Marketo; you can't really differentiate between lead and contact on this action. So it's not like we can just block updates to contacts and not leads which means you'd have to block for all.


I'm just curious if anyone has dealt with a similar situation where either:

1. You decided to not allow field updates to contacts on the SFDC side as I'm curious how that's going

2. You found a work around