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    Error Merging Duplicates

    Anandraj S



      We have duplicate records for a lead in Marketo and when tried to merge it throws an error "Failed to merge(..LeadID..)".


      It's been identified, SFDC type is causing the issue


      One record's SFDC types is LEAD and another record's SFDC type is a CONTACT. Issue occurs when we try to merge Contact and Lead.


      Any solution to this?





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          Steven Vanderberg

          The merge process is encountering a Salesforce error while initiating the merge.  To get the details of which error Salesforce is returning you'll need to file a Marketo support ticket.

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            Devraj Grewal



            If you were merging a Marketo person with no SFDC type, then you can merge it with a SFDC lead or SFDC contact no problem. However, since you are attempting to merge an SFDC lead with an SFDC contact, this will not work as they are not like objects.


            I would recommend manually converting the SFDC lead to the same account as the SFDC contact and then merging the two SFDC contacts.