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Form Fields Used in Multiple Campaigns

Question asked by Michael Brazitis on Apr 30, 2018
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I am new to Marketo and am running across an issue I can't find a good solution for. Our company does a lot of event marketing, so we use a common form for most of the registration pages. In an effort to not create endless fields (one for every event), we have one field for event attending. The issue here is that when a person fills out the form for one event, the field gets overwritten when they fill it out another event.


The current solution we have is to create an archive field that writes the event name, with their answer "yes" or "no" for attending. This ends up putting every event a person has registered for in one, long, jumbled field. This makes sending event registrant reports a hassle and we have to do some manual cleaning in excel to pull out the specific event and if the person is attending or not. Not the best automated process.


Has anyone come across this issue before?