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    ipad check in event app

    Michelle Tang

      Hey Marketo Customers! Anyone using the ipad check in event app? Any pros and cons? Do you still need to use a Roadshow Program to use or can it be used on any Event Program like a Live Event for example. TIA!

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          Brooke Bartos

          We use it, and it has been very helpful. It's not exclusive to Road Show, you can do a Live Event if you'd like. You just need to make sure that your Attended Status on your Channel Tag is set to Mobile Status Attended, and that the user signed in from the iPad has access to the Mobile App. Attendees will need a "Registered" status to appear in the app for checkin, or they can be manually added at the time.


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              Josh Hill

              That being said, it only works on Tablets.


              Some large scale events teams dislike it due to the 7 day data load window and issues with using a single "ipad login" across multiple ipads. It works well enough, but if you are running a large scale event (like a trade show or 200+ people) you may want to consider AtEvent, Certain, etc.


              Salespeople also want to reg people on their phones for field events, so this doesn't work as well.

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              Veronica Holmes

              Yeah. For larger events the interface is too slow for the checkin process and you find large queues of people waiting to get in and poor door people utterly flustered and overwhelmed. You'll need multiple people at the doors with multiple tablets, and I'd recommend giving them each their own Marketo login because multiple people using the same login often causes the app to lock people out or freeze up. I'd echo the comments above - great for events for maybe 30-100 people who are not all arriving simultaneously, and even then I'd consider using multiple tablets.

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