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GDPR - option to not capture / keep email address etc?

Question asked by Jenn Pellerin on Apr 16, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2018 by Michelle Miles

Hello -


This could be answered elsewhere, but I cannot find it.


I'm trying to make GDPR global in our instance to avoid any headache in the future. I am making the "I consent to receive future communications ..." etc on every form. However, I keep getting hung up on the capturing / retaining data on forms.


If someone fills out a form to be emailed one of our white papers, do I also have to put in an option to not keep / retain their information? Email, name etc?


I read the statement below here: GDPR Compliance and WordPress Forms: Everything You Need to Know - Ninja Forms


"To Store or Not to Store?

Drop dead easy way to comply: if you don’t need a record of the data collected via your forms, then simply don’t store the data. This eliminates any question of GDPR compliance. Just zip on over to the Emails & Actions tab of the form and toggle off (grey) the Store Submission action and make sure that if you’re using an email action that the email doesn’t include form fields with personally identifiable data."

Can someone point me in the direction of more information on this? Is this also legally required? And how would we be able to email content if they do not want us to have their information?