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    Alerts Not Working

    Courtney Tobe



      I have recently been experiencing an issue where the alerts for my programs aren't being delivered. I have several alerts set up to be generated when someone takes an action such as filling out a form on our website. I have a list of 3 people who are all internal who should receive these alerts when someone fills out a form. Marketo is showing that the alert is being sent out in the activity log, but we are not receiving the alerts every single time someone fills out the form. Sometimes only 1 of the 3 people receive the alert (which doesn't make sense to me because we are all on the same email server), and other times no one receives the alert. I know all of the email addresses are correct because I've confirmed multiple times. The Marketo IP has been whitelisted. Does any one have any other ideas on how to troubleshoot? Or has anyone else experienced this issue before?





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          Josh Hill

          is this a batch? trigger?




          did you tokenize the list in a trigger or a batch?


          There  have been occasional issues with the Send Alert function.

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              Courtney Tobe

              It's a trigger, so the trigger is "fills out form" and then the flow is to send alert to a list of 4 people. I have entered all of the email addresses how they appear in the image below.


              Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 12.01.55 PM.png

              As I said, sometimes they're being sent to one of the group, and other times no one in the group is receiving them. No tokens are used in the list. Any other thoughts or ideas as to why this might be happening?

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                  Sanford Whiteman

                  I agree with Amy here. Not necessarily a user-supplied filter but a server filter (i.e. on your server).  Realize that these emails are going to have the same subject line, sent essentially concurrently and (this makes it worse) as separate SMTP messages.


                  You see problems like this when a web app sends notifications to multiple people at the same domain at the same time. Nature of the beast. I don't usually recommend whitelisting Marketo, but unless your IT can get more granular, that might be your only way out.

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                Amy Connor

                Just to confirm, everyone has checked their spam traps? And done a search to make sure they haven't filtered the email somewhere else in their inbox? (This has happened to me with Gmail).


                If they have checked all that, I think you should create a support ticket.