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Drip campaign with multiple promotions

Question asked by 7bef4399ca40f56c1117908ef47050e9b141e8e9 on Apr 13, 2018
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Hi all, I'm totally new to Marketo and need some help with how we think about our campaigns.


We're looking to do a one-off drip campaign with multiple touchpoints/promotions to a specific target audience group via a list upload. Here's the proposed cadence:


Week 1:  [Email 1] Invitation to webinar

Week 2:  [Email 2] Invitation to webinar

Week 3:  [Email 3 ]Invitation to webinar

Week 4: Webinar (will do a shoutout to meet us at the conference below) +  [Email 4] Invitation to meet us at the conference

Week 5:  [Email 5] Invitation to meet us at the conference

Week 6: Conference + [Email 6] Invitation to in-person workshop

Week 7:  [Email 7]  Invitation to meet us at an in-person workshop

Week 8: In-person workshop


Need advice on how I should set up the programs in Marketo? In our minds, this entire cadence should ideally belong in one big campaign, but in Marketo terms, what's the best way to structure our programs? Do we have to set up 3 separate programs (Webinar, Tradeshow, Event)? Appreciate any advice on how best to execute this. Thanks!