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    Difference between progressive profiling and pre-fill function

    Natalie Ng

      Hi there, I was wondering if you could please provide me with more information on what is the difference between progressive profiling and pre-fill? What recommendations would you provide to put in a form on a landing page collecting information?

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          Sanford Whiteman

          Progressive profiling means your forms are divided into Always-On fields (shown every time) and ProgPro fields.


          When someone returns to your form, the Always-On fields are there no matter what (perhaps PreFilled, as described below) but already-filled fields from the ProgPro block are hidden, and up to a certain amount of additional empty ProgPro fields are shown in their place.  The form thus changes its shape each time they fill it out, and you gradually build out their profile without overwhelming them with all fields at once. Note they must have an associated web session for this to work -- a new anonymous session in a new device or browser won't work, because the session won't know who they are.


          Pre-Fill means the values they previously entered in the form are loaded into the corresponding form fields. This again depends having an associated web session (i.e. a session in which they either filled out a Marketo form or clicked a link in a Marketo email, and in which Marketo's tracking cookie is enabled). The lead can change Pre-Filled field values, or they can leave them as-is and the form will submit.


          An all-too-common misunderstanding (which has led to absolutely wrong, yet sadly uncorrected, blog posts) is that ProgPro in some way depends on Pre-Fill. It does not: they are independent features. Fields in the ProgPro block are only identified as "empty" or "non-empty." Their data values are not important to the operation of ProgPro, which determines whether to show/hide based on whether they have a value. It's for this reason that ProgPro works on embedded Marketo forms (on non-Marketo websites) because it doesn't represent a data leak, while Pre-Fill is, out-of-box, not possible on unknown websites because it would mean anyone could read fields from your Marketo database.


          What recommendations would you provide to put in a form on a landing page collecting information?

          You mean what fields to put on the form? That's a really broad question that I don't think anyone could definitively answer without knowledge of your business. If you have specific questions about general-purpose fields, perhaps phrase your question to concentrate on "I was going to put A, B, C, and D and these are my business reasons" and we can give some feedback.


          * This is, in fairness, also possible using more crafty techniques, but Pre-Fill can be used/abused by anyone regardless of skill.

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