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    Losing Information; Pre-fill Enabled Forms and Net New Email Addresses

    Abby Ryan

      Hi All,


      I'm hoping someone in the Community will have already figured out this issue with Pre-filled Forms / Munchkin Tracking / Net New Email Addresses.


      Although it's a small problem, i'm finding that more people are following the below progression, and leaving us with missing information:


      1. Known leads who are being tracked by the munchkin code come to a gated landing page with a progressive form set to enable the pre-fill. All they see is the email address field, which is already pre-filled with the cookie'd address.

      2. The lead then changes the email address to a new value, and because the form doesn't register that this is a new lead record, none of the other required fields pop up.

      3. The lead submits and we then have a net new lead record with only email address as a value. It cannot be processed properly, nor synced to SFDC based on our rules.


      As I said, this is a fairly small-scale issue, but I'd love any advice on ways around this.


      Thanks in advance!