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    Restricting Access To Individual Fields

    Kevin Weisenberger

      Is it possible to lock down access to individual fields so that certain users cannot see it?


      Example: Audience class A is accessible in Partion 1. This group needs to remain in Partition 1 for a business group to access. An additional business group would like to attach confidential information via SF Fields to audience class 1. The original business group does not have permission to see this information so we would like to hide it from their view. How can this be accomplished?

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          Josh Hill

          It's not really possible unless you keep the WS-LP's 1-1. That is, leads are only in one Partition and can only be seen within that one WS.


          Your phase "confidential information" makes me worried for you. Marketo is not PCI compliant and is not encrypted at disk level (unless you ask and pay).


          other things you could do:

          • block some users from seeing Opp data or Lead Database at all.
          • not import confidential data


          Unfortunately, if you Hide a field in Marketo, it becomes unusable in the interface, so that's not what you want either.