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Lead Management Topics - MCE exam

Question asked by 17832e1ec6f530d7e7ab25a80197f956cd8e70fb on Mar 13, 2018
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I have read through the Product Doc, still not able to find satisfactory information on following topics on MCE exam (under lead management)


Marketo Certification: MCE Exam Topics :


  • Identify the parties who should determine the criteria and values for scoring. ([Avinash] I know how to change a score. But what parties would like to determine criteria and values? Is there a standard for this or is subject?)
  • Identify the Marketo features that enable understanding of lead quality. [Avinash] I guess lead score, lead web activities, lead program there a complete list? )     
  • Given a scenario where Marketing has an SLA with Sales, identify the appropriate flow step setup. [Avinash] I am totally blank here. could not find anything on product doc.
  • Identify the Marketo features that enable Sales to understand a lead's behavior. [Avinash] Interesting moments and web activities? is there a complete list?
  • Given a scenario of needing to reset a score, identify the appropriate value.[Avinash] how to find value to reset to?
  • Given a scenario where a lead is deemed sales-ready, identify the ways this can be communicated to Sales.[Avinash] send alert. anything else?


I have  scheduled my test on 20th march. so will appreciate if you respond before that. thanks a bunch