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List import of members taking significantly longer for them to be available to smart campaigns

Question asked by Dan Stevens. Expert on Aug 29, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2018 by Grégoire Michel

We have a common process for those programs that include offline engagement - like attending an event.  When the event has concluded, the marketer provides the list of attendees - contained in our standard "campaign response" Excel template - for a member of my team to upload to the appropriate program (added to a static list within that program).  Once imported, we have a batch campaign that is run against this list to place these members into the appropriate program status (attended, promoted to MQL, etc.).


Lately, we're finding that it sometimes takes over an hour before the imported leads - primarily NEW leads - are available to run through the batch campaign.  So even though they appear in the static list, they are not reflected within the SCHEDULE tab ("Smart list status: Set to affect xx existing people").  Eventually they are represented in the number of qualified people, but the delay we're experiencing seems awfully excessive (hours/days) and is causing a lot of frustration on my team (since they can't complete the process until they're available; which affects other marketing activities they're working on).


Is anyone else experiencing this sort of delay?


BTW, I started a similar discussion a few weeks back: Delays/unable to search for new people immediately after they've been entered (manually or via list import).  But now, the delays are really becomng excessive.