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    Treasure Chest

    Eric Salalmon

      I was looking thru the Treasure chest and found 2 new features that weren't there before. These features have to do with form submissions, and I want to turn them on but they require a password. My admin password doesn't work, so does anyone know how to fix this?

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          Josh Hill

          Are you an Admin?


          Looks like they finally setup spam blocks for Forms.

          I'd check with Support if your admin pw doesn't work.

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            Hobie Thompson

            Josh Hill is right on this one. I saw these too! I got excited, and my password also wouldn't work. I contacted Marketo Support, and long story short: these features are not yet 'ready' for deployment. Here's the exact reply:


            I reached out to the people currently working on those features we talked about today. They are still being actively developed so they are not ready to activate yet. More information, including documentation on how these features will work, should be coming out shortly before they are ready to activate. Unfortunately the time when these features will be ready has not yet been determined. When the release date has been determined your support contact admin.


            Not sure why they're teasing us with features that aren't ready for deployment, but alas, that is the case.

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              Jamye Breidenbach

              Does anyone know if this feature has been enabled yet?