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    SFDC Sync Change Error

      I am not sure how to fix this and any feedback would be greatly appreciated

      The SFDC Admin added a new picklist value for field we sync to Marketo.

      The field is a picklist field in SFDC and a string field in Marketo.

      We received the below error in SFDC


      The SFDC Admin added the picklist value for the field on the Campaign, Lead and Contact object and the error is no longer showing up in SFDC


      However we are still seeing these errors in Marketo



      In our Marketo forms,


      This field is setup as a string, it is mostly used as a hidden field value.  Since there are no picklist values, there is no way to add this value to the forms that have been identified.  How do I fix this?



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          Josh Hill

          There's nothing to necessarily do. If SFDC is now accepting a changed set of valid picklist values, it is just a warning for you to check if your Marketo forms are passing the matching values.


          Marketo can actually paste ANY value into that field and SFDC will accept in (mostly) which will make your data dirty.


          In your case, the only thing to do is check if your form is passing the right values from a URL parameter or something. Hard to tell what your intention is with the hidden value. If the default=Partnerships, is that still an ok value for SFDC?

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            Grégoire Michel

            Hi Ariel,


            The error notified by Marketo is only there for informative purpose and, as Josh said, has no impact. The notification remains in the notification panel forever, it does not mean a "new" error happened.


            But, depending on how the picklist is set up in SFDC, this can lead to 2 different behaviors. Picklists in SFDC has the options to accept values not in the picklist values set in the field, or not accept them.

            • If the SFDC field can accept foreign values, if you do not check and modify all your forms using the field, you will indeed push dirty data to SFDC
            • If the SFDC field does not accept foreign values, SFDC will remain clean but if you do not check and correct all the forms and a bad value is entered in Marketo, you will no longer be able to sync nor insert the corresponding lead or contact from Marketo to SFDC. The reverse flow (from SFDC to Marketo) will continue to work.


            This situation is one fo the reasons why one should use centralised / shared forms from the design studio and not forms located in Programs in Marketing Activities.



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                Todd Plunk



                Can you explain more on how one might configure a Salesforce (SFDC) field to accept foreign values?

                     ...Specifically, a picklist field...even more specifically the standard country picklist field?


                We are about to enable the standard SFDC country & state picklists, and I do not believe you can configure SFDC to accept foreign values. Is this a unique case, isolated to the standard SFDC country/state picklists?


                I'm trying to understand expected behavior for a list of country values imported via Markto, and what happens when I try to sync these values from Marketo into SFDC.