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    Lead Scoring by Product - integrated with SFDC

    Ryan Lessard

      I'm trying to use the scoring fields & programs in marketo to build "scores" as measures of interested for each of our add-on products (10+). I can't seem to figure out how to set up these new fields in Salesforce to that our AMs can see interest by product. When I originally set up our Marketo instance there was already a Lead Score field to push from Marketo to Salesforce. I want to do the same for a new score field. Alternatively, if I create the field in SFDC, it doesn't have the score properties that come with a score field in Marketo.


      Any help would be appreciated.

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          Gerard Donnelly

          Hi Ryan,

          What you will need to do is create a numeric field on the lead in Salesforce and then on the contact.  Once you do that, merge the fields.  As long as the field is visible to the Marketo API user it should sync across to Marketo.  Once the field has synced to Marketo you need to go the Field Manager in Admin section and change the property type of the field from Numeric to Score.   That should now be your scoring field syncing across to Salesforce.


          A word of caution though.  Scoring for individual products can be a major pain, especially if you have a lot.  You will need to set numerous smart campaigns for visiting certain web pages, as well as all your product specfic emails, webinars, events etc.  If your determined and patient you can make it work. 


          In the next episode of Marketo Mondays which will be out next week I am going to walk through this process from start to finish as well as create a formula field in salesforce that pulls from the score and show custom flame icons like Marketo Sales Insights, but only for your specfic products.





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