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    Sales Insight Email Analytics

    Chris Husted

      Hello -


      We're new to Marketo. I dug into the Analytics portion of Marketo, but I'm not seeing anything helpful in the area of reporting.


      Is there a report within Marketo that will give us analytics on emails sent via Sales Insight within Salesforce? Specifically, the list of leads that have opened the email, which Salesforce user sent the email and the list of leads that have unsubscribed. If yes, where can these reports be located?


      Thank you in advance.


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          Veronica Holmes

          Hi Chris

          Marketo analytics won't tell you "who" or give a list of leads in any standard report. Marketo reports are usually aggregate numbers of how many people did something.


          If you need a list of any kind running a smart list with your criteria will give you that, and you can use "Was Sent Sales Email" and other filters to determine it. Again, a list of people who have unsubscribed from Sales emails would be done the same way.


          If you want Sales Email performance statistics (opens, clicks etc) you can use the Sales Insight Email Performance in Marketo Analytics.

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