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Email Program vs Email Blast

Question asked by fd78eb3928f49fe0dc326cbfdb89590a10b4ef6b on Jan 30, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2018 by Dan Stevens.

I have looked at the previous thread from 2015, but I was wondering if this is still valid?  It looks like you can create triggers for an Email Program, that would trigger on the email from this, i.e. clicked on email EmailProgramName.Email just like you can do with the Email Blast, and it even looks like you can do email testing similar to A|B testing with Email Champion Challenger, so I am just wondering if now, really the difference between these 2 types can be if there are different statuses defined for each of these types, the reporting capabilities, and just the means of doing A|B testing vs Email Champion/Challenger.  In other words, the distinction for only Email Program allowing for trigger capability seems to not be true with these 2 types.  Am I missing something?  To me it looks like you can have Smart Campaigns with all their triggers, filters etc. be associated with either of these types.


Thanks for any clarification you might have here.