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Tracking traffic best practices (Source Fields, UTM campagins and others)

Question asked by Santiago Salas on Jan 19, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2019 by Jennifer Donahue


I'm setting up Marketo in my company and I need some help with the best way to set up a tracking system of leads from different sources: email invitations, social media, partner invitations, organic search, ppc, etc.


First some info: We're using Unbounce as a Landing Page creator with Marketo Forms embeded and using a javascript on Thank you page for tracking convertions. We have Mkto-SFDC sync.


I've seen there are built-in capabilities with fields like Original Source Type or Registration Source Type, but i'm not sure on how they work and how to set them.


I've also tried using UTM campagins by creating custom hidden fields on the forms. The problem is that this info is stored in the lead data and will be overwritten with a new form fill. So, if a person assist a webinar, watch it again on-demand and also download an ebooks. The original info is lost. This will affect the capability of doing 6 months reports of source analysis, for example.

So, Is there a way to relate the utm fields with the programs in order to report on the performance?


I'm doing something wrong? How did you set up your trcking systems, Which conventions do you use? There might be some conflict with Salesforce?


Thank you for your help.