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Revenue Explorer: How to add filters?

Question asked by 5d69d733f613c0c793319063dbc63fcdf7307d5d on Jan 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2018 by Sara Greaves

Hi all!


I was working on building reports with the Revenue Explorer; more specially with the Program Opportunity Analysis Report. Unfortunately, I ran into a slight issue.


For certain event Program Channels, we have various success criteria. I'm building a report to show how much of an influence a certain event had to an opportunity. However, I'd also like to filter on Program Success criteria. This is not a filter in the Program Opportunity Analysis report. How can I add this as a filter?


Also, the Program Opportunity Analysis does not have a field to display company names; just opportunity names. For reporting purposes, it would be useful to include company names. How would I go about adding this as a field? Is this even possible?


Thanks in advance for your help!