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Automatically generated email when content published on website

Question asked by Erica Dipyatic on Jan 8, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2018 by Sanford Whiteman

Hello Community - Seeking guidance on the possibility to carry out an email execution via Marketo.

Question: Can Marketo automatically create an email and distribute the email based upon when something is published on our website if we set up some trigger, push (whatever the action and term maybe) in Marketo?



Our Public Relations team currently has a process set up with an external organization to automatically distribute and email to a subscription list when this external organization published a press release for us. We want to bring this process in house. The key is that everything must happen automatically without the need for a member of the public relations team to initiate the email.


Current process

  • Form code provided to us by external organization.(EO)
  • When form filled out - EO collects data, Subscriptions can be for all releases or specific topics.
  • When a press release is published by EO for us, an email of the press release - with the contents of the press release as the body copy of the email - is automatically distributed to subscribers.


Does anyone have any thoughts on how we could remove the EO from this process? We know how to set up the form and the subscription. The question is can Marketo automatically create the email and distribute based on an action, information pushed, from our website?  Again, it is key that no member of the PR team has to take action to distribute the press release email.


Thanks in advance for your thoughts and ideas.