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Could RTP integration with Google Analytics be causing NULL campaign/source/medium values?

Question asked by Anna Blanchet on Jan 10, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2018 by Anna Blanchet

We've noticed in Google Analytics that a majority of website visitors came from default channel (Other). Drilling into the issue, it appears a google event is firing that captures utm_campaign, utm_source, and utm_medium as "null".  Google responded saying we are sending 'null' as value from the datalayer variable.  The IT department believes Marketo RTP is triggering these values. I was skeptical at first, but when reviewing Account Settings in RTP, I noticed that the Campaign Event setting is set to "ON".

Is it possible that Marketo RTP is firing an event call "campaign" that injects the null value in the campaign tag parameters?  Has anyone else experienced this before?