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Concatenate string in Flow Step doesn't work. Boolean the problem?

Question asked by Gerard van den Akker on Jan 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2018 by 4d0a0a6df23312f3a73d597f4c67a4b4e889083d

I am working on the GDPR compliance and wanted to list the selected opt-in(s) for the various types of content in my custom field Consent Notes. It keeps giving me an error though, so I'm wondering what's the problem. Here's the full thing I started off with in my Change Data Value flow step:


{{system.dateTime}} | Consent set to TRUE | | Yes, WoodWing can use the information I provide on this form to send me communication in line with my preferences above. | Newsletters={{lead.Newsletter opt-in}} | Events/Webinars={{lead.Events / Webinars opt-in}} | Whitepapers/eBooks={{lead.Whitepapers / eBooks opt-in}}


The step worked without the last part where I list the different opt-ins.

To find the error I brought it back to the basics:


{{Lead.Events / Webinars opt-in}}


And still get an error in my Activity Log: Choice had one or more invalid tokens.

I even went into the rich editor to make sure I use the right tokens by having the editor fill them and them copy and paste them. I'm sure the token is correct.


Is the conclusion that I cannot concatenate Boolean values in a string variable?