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    Account level data syncing on Lead record from SFDC to Marketo

    Nathan Fehler


      We are deploying a new instance of Marketo to sync with our new SalesForce CRM. I am aware that the OOTB solution for the SFDC:Marketo integration is that Account level data automatically syncs to Marketo with the associated contact record. That said, our sales team is concerned that they will lose some of the qualification processes and measure if all people are loaded into SFDC as contacts rather than leads. This leaves me with the following questions:

      1. Are there any other integrations within our group that use ABM and operate out of the leads module in SFDC?
      2. Can Marketo be configured such that lead records can be associated with accounts?
        • Will that allow the necessary account data to sync over to the people record in Marketo?
      3. If we load all records in SFDC as Contacts, is there a way to maintain the conversion visibility in SFDC that our sales team wants?
        • Re: Account level data syncing on Lead record from SFDC to Marketo
          Anthony Figgins

          Let me see if I can help you.

          Marketo will sync the information back from SFDC as it is configured. Yes that does mean that if it is a contact, that the account details will be included.

          Marketo will update the contacts as activity and interactions happen.

          If a person comes from Marketo into SFDC, they will be created as a lead. Marketo does not have any Account matching capabilities for leads and is unable to convert a lead into a contact and assign to an account.

          1: I would need to understand what you mean by "Operate out of the leads module" in order to answer this question.

          2: No Marketo is unable to associate leads with accounts as this is a SFDC item. SFDC requires that contacts be connected to accounts.

          3: I would need to understand what conversation visibility the sales teams want in order to answer this question as well.


          I feel sales is worried about something that is a non-issue. By syncing both leads and contacts, Sales will still own Contacts and these contacts will simply have additional information added to their records such as page views, emails clicked on, marketing programs interacted with, etc. Come to the next User Group and we can go more in depth into your question.