GDPR summarised in 5 key points

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Hi All,


Below 5 key points that summarise very good the impact of the GDPR (taken from SiriusDecisions: https://marketplace.siriusdecisions.com/Blogs/GDPRIsComing5MarketingAutomationPitfalls):


  1. MAP "data management campaigns.” Although marketing automation has encouraged systematic data embellishment and “use your data to create new data,” companies must now ensure all such activity is declared. Data from the past will need to be audited, and marketers are responsible for future updates and the outputs of any new or existing automated procedures.
  2. Reverse IP tracking. As marketing automation has found its pivotal and permanent place in the hearts of our businesses, reverse IP tracking has become part and parcel of everyday prospecting. Before GDPR, this was somewhat of a gray area – but now it's crystal clear. Marketers must seek consent before storing and processing an individual’s IP address.
  3. Lead scoring. Scoring programs provide marketers with ready-made segmentation and an engine to automatically send leads to sales. In GDPR terms, this type of processing constitutes profiling, and marketers must have consent to do it. Across the aisle in sales, propensity-to-buy calculations may also be hard at work in a sales force automation system. If this is used to profile for followup then, once again, permission must be granted.
  4. Reactivation programs. Marketers regularly seek to jump-start old databases by running reactivation programs for individuals inactive for months or even years. Unfortunately, under GDPR, individuals who have not opted in recently to communications cannot be contacted in this way.
  5. Record disposal. Finally, something outside of all marketers' comfort zone. If you do not have consent to store and process an individual's data, you must delete what you have. This applies to records accumulated over time but lacking opt-in, as well as to individuals who withdraw consent.


Hopes these helps everyone.