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Spam Records Created (Bot attack where Honeypot doesn't help)

Discussion created by Keith Nyberg Expert on Nov 13, 2017
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Hey Community,


This past week we got hit by a bot or something similar that was creating roughly 250 bad leads in our instance every minute. We caught these getting created because our Trial server crashed out with all the activity and when I investigated, 30K records had already been create in my instance over night (all with inferred IP info from China). I immediately found a common thread (phone number) and filtered these records out of our !Entry Point smart campaigns as the existing backlog of records being processed nearly brought our instance to a halt. So I started to dig in to see what could be done to stop these records from being created.


I enabled a honeypot as defined is this sweet Perkuto article (Reduce Spam Leads with a Marketo Honeypot, thanks Perkuto!) but when testing noticed that records being created were missing the new honeypot field I had added in the "Filled Out Form" activity that is logged in MKTO, where real form submissions included this new field. (Honeypot field is called "The 5th Quarter", see images below of form submit activity). We also noticed that Munchkin was not tracking any landing page visits, nor was Google Analytics. All of this leads me to believe that these records are never on our landing pages.


So my question really relates to Marketo's form API and what is required for the API call to be successful and have a record created in our instance. What validation does Marketo require to confirm that the API request is a valid form submit vs being done via another mechanism (just the form #, instance munchkin ID, LP and referrer)? Is that enough? Because in this scenario, i'm not sure if this is something that needs to be tightened on Marketo's side or if nothing can be done at all. (if nothing can be done, what is the most sensitive parameter? I would assume the munchkin ID?


Support's advice was to unapproved the existing form and swap it with the new one. Hope the attackers get a "Form Submit Failed" notification and decide to move on. I wasn't all that thrilled with this answer as it eludes to nothing being possible to stop this from occuring again in the future. And also means my "Filled Out Form" = Trial filter is no longer fully inclusive (not a big deal, but annoying).


Anyone else have this happen? Questions? Thoughts? Comments? Just really unsure what to do next... Screenshots that show valid vs invalid submits are below.


Valid Submission:


Invalid Submit: