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Gated Video Content w/ VimeoPro

Question asked by 6ed9a214ffecd921dec2f2bcaa0b07a552a50cde on Dec 7, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2017 by 6ed9a214ffecd921dec2f2bcaa0b07a552a50cde

Foundation: We are very early in our Marketo implementation but i'm looking to set things up the best way the first time and not have to retouch it for a bit.


We currently use VimeoPro for hosting both public and private videos. What is the best way to have a page (marketo landing page or normal web page) to have the video embedded on it, but upon clicking said video, a form appears,  once submitted the video then plays.. OR, the landing page/web page shows content/copy and form to the right, once form is submitted, page is refreshed and the video replaces the forms location.


Hope this makes some sort of sense, but i'm trying to reduce the number of pages needing to be created for a "Webinars On-Demand" section to our site.