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Can't Figure Out Why Our Emails Goes to Spam

Question asked by d8ee97bebc95ebf2e2bbfad9f66aa106720a703f on Dec 6, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2017 by d8ee97bebc95ebf2e2bbfad9f66aa106720a703f

We found out that over the last few months, majority of our emails are going into spam. We are trying to figure out the core issue(s) of why emails are not making it to Inbox.Is there any way for us to figure out what the CORE issue(s) are when it comes to email deliverability?



We have tried many different solutions and no matter what we do, it keeps going into spam. We’ve edit our email copy to sending just a few sentences, no matter what, it goes into spam. We checked by creating new accounts on Outlook, AOL, Yahoo, and Gmail, and all of them either makes it into spam or gets blocked by the email provider.



We are trying to find the CORE reason why this is happening and what we can do to remedy this. Any suggestions, tools, and tips would be helpful. Thanks!