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    How is Marketo's Events app?

    Kevin McMahon

      So I recently received a picture of a handwritten list of attendees at an event we had...not cool. It's 2017 so I knew there was a better way. It didn't take me long to figure out Marketo has an events app - what is your experience with this app? Pros and cons? Looks like from just going through the docs pages that it doesn't work on phones, only tablets. It also looks like you can only mark people attended, not any other statuses.


      If not the Marketo app, what other apps do you use?

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          Josh Hill

          It's a decent app. I wish it were updated to be more like Certain or atEvent.


          What it does:

          • Syncs Program Member data of Registered within 7 day window of Scheduled Program Event Date.
          • Allows you to Mark Attended
          • Allows you to Add New People who show up randomly.
          • Works on Android or iPad tablets.



          • On shared usernames (it needs a user login if you want to be secure with non staff), it has issues logging in sometimes.
          • doesn't always sync, but haven't seen this problem myself.
          • A little clunky
          • intended for Marketers, not salespeople


          So if you want a super pro version you can share with Salespeople who may run smaller events, then I'd go buy atEvent or something like that. Otherwise, it works pretty well.


          Remember, the App itself does nothing than update Program Member Status. So you can adjust the Status in the App, then use a trigger to activate At Event emails or SMS or other workflows.

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            Anna-Maria Kroner

            The app does what it promises - it allows you to check people in at an event. Nothing more, but also nothing less. Josh summarized it pretty well.

            The biggest downside for me is that it requires the device to be connected to the internet at all times. At our last event the WiFi was very clunky and kept dropping in and out. Every time it reconnected we had to re-enter the password.

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              Mark Knight

              anyone know if the Android version has been removed?

              I have searched within Google Play for 'Marketo' and can only see Marketo Moments


              Android Version 5.1

              - old i know, but i am trying to determine if ok on Android.


              I have it working on apple ipads just fine.

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                Jason Raisleger

                I would echo everyone else's comments about the Marketo app and in addition to Josh's note about atEvent, we have also used Akkroo. I found Akkroo to give us more flexibility than atEvent although both would be better at giving you what you're looking for (custom fields, code scanning etc.)