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Flexible Email Template

Question asked by Kelly Cronin on Nov 15, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2017 by Michelle Miles

I have a question about email templates. We are looking to create a very flexible email template. We plan to create this, either through knak, a developer, or an agency, but I need to know what is possible so I know where/who to start with.


What we would like is the ability to create a responsive email template that is compatible with most email clients that has a WYSIWIG interface, where you can drag and drop elements and move them around. The idea is that in the Marketo email editor a user would be able to (for example) put in a call-to-action button, put it in the center of the email, then be able to move it to be left aligned, or right aligned, or slightly off-center. And have that same ability with other elements, like headlines, images, text areas etc.


Does anyone know if this is even possible? Has anyone else tried to do the same thing? Can you tell me what the options are?


Thank you!