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Tracking lead submissions against the same lead

Question asked by Dan Stevens. Expert on Nov 4, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2017 by Dan Stevens.

We're running an internal contest to allow anyone in the company to submit leads for potential opportunities they may be aware of (e.g., when working at a client site, our consultants may uncover a lead and get it submitted).  We've created a landing page that includes a form to capture the employee's information (custom fields: name, email, function, etc.) as well as the key lead data (name, email, company, opportunity detail, etc.).  One of the key metrics that we want to report on is the number of leads submitted by each employee (for creating things like leaderboards).   However, we're running up against two issues:


  1. If/when a different employee submits the same lead for a different opportunity later on in the year. The first employee's data within the lead record will be overwritten by the recent employee who submitted the lead.
  2. If/when the same employee submits the same lead for a different opportunity later on in the year.  When running a simple report, it will only show that the employee submitted a single lead, regardless of the number of leads they may have submitted.


While we are capturing the date, employee email and opportunity detail in a history field each time a lead is submitted, it doesn't help from a reporting perspective.


Any suggestions - aside from using a separate data warehouse or a custom object - on how to accurately run a report that will count the number of leads submitted by each employee?


Here's the lead submission form (which is, of course, a non-trackable form to allow employees to submit leads on behalf of the actual lead):